The “Banker’s Secret” to Higher Yield on Your Savings (Over 8%

in the Next 12 Months)


You can get a higher rate of return (over 9.6%) than many other traditional fixed income investments. It’s similar in class to bonds, but is more like if you owned a bank…”



Dear Reader,

I recently discovered an incredible secret in the American banking system.


It lets you vastly increase the yield you receive on your savings.


All you need to do is to make one small change in the way you bank – and you can begin receiving a yield of between 6-12% a year.


I call it the “banker’s secret” because it lets you start using the same techniques your banker uses to increase your income on your savings.

I’ve already heard from regular folks using this secret for themselves…


“I don’t know why I would ever choose to collect 0.9% from a regular savings account again. I’ve only done this for a month, and I’m already seeing much better returns on my savings. Thanks!” – Chip K.


It’s a worthwhile addition to my investment portfolio. My current Net Annualized Return is 13.55%” – Jake P.


I have over $13,000 invested… My current yield is 10.84%” – Bob S.


I want to tell you how to make this small change for yourself – to take advantage of the banker’s secret.


If you ever wished you could flip roles with your banker – and start collecting the type of yields he gets when he loans out your money  – now you can.

After all – when you park your money in a savings account – you’re basically loaning that money to your bank. Then your bank turns around and lends it for 5-10 times what they pay you for the privilege…


To be clear, what I’m about to reveal will probably anger people in the financial world – especially bankers and brokers.


And while it may take a few minutes of “work” on your part, using this secret for yourself is really no more difficult than opening up a brokerage account…


And in just a few weeks after making this small change, you can begin collecting MUCH more income from your savings. The average investor will probably collect 8-10 times more than they do from their current savings account.


That turns a 0.9% yield into a 7% yield. Or a 1.2% yield into a 12% yield…

You might be wondering how exactly this could be possible.


Is there really some secret way to “flip” your savings yield to start collecting the same yield as your banker?


Is it safe? Does it involve any difficult or complicated financial transactions?


These are the questions I had for myself when I first found out about the “banker’s secret” – which is why I spent the last few months not only researching this trick – but also getting set up to try it out for myself.


Today, I’m going to reveal exactly what I’ve found – and I’ll show you how you can use this secret for yourself starting today.

By the way, my name is Ian Wyatt. I’m the founder and chief investment strategist of an independent financial research firm called Wyatt Investment Research.


The magazine Fast Company recently published a list of the top 500 fastest growing companies in the world. We were #210.


I like to think that’s because we have a history of finding unique ideas and bringing them to our readers.


That’s been my entire focus since I founded this company over 13 years ago – starting with a computer in my parents’ basement.


Today over 400,000 investors around the world read my research.


And as I’m sure you’re painfully aware, many of these investors can’t get a decent return on their savings.


What used to be a no-sweat, no-risk 6% annual yield is now 1% or less.


That makes it extremely difficult to enjoy the benefits of compound interest – and it also makes you more likely to throw you money at high-risk, high-reward investments to make up the difference.


We’ve seen that tendency in action, as even the junkiest junk bonds barely yield over 6% these days. People are chasing garbage just to get an average yield.


But you know who does get a better than 6% return on savings without taking on excess risk?


Bankers. They do it legally, easily and with the help and protection of the Federal Government.


That’s why I’ve spent the last 5 months finding a way for regular investors to collect a banker’s yield.


Here’s what I found.


How to Become a Banker (and Collect a 6%+ Yield)


Becoming a bank is almost impossible for the average person.


First off, you need at least $5-$10 million to get started.


Then you need regulatory oversight from at least 2 Federal bodies – not including state and local laws and regulators.


It takes over a year of cutting through red tape as you provide information about your business plan, your senior management, your funding sources, your risk management plans, and a whole host of other details.


And then – you have to get everything approved.


In fact, in 2010 only 1 new bank opened in the United States.


In 2011 there were ZERO new banks chartered!


Then again in 2012, my research found no new banks made it through the approval process.


That’s one new bank opened in 3 years in the entire country...


During a time when our political leaders talked about getting rid of “too big to fail” banks – they made it impossible for small banks to get started.


And the big banks only got bigger.


So becoming a bank – and being allowed the privilege of collecting substantial yield on your savings is off the table.


But I’ve found an alternative investment – that’s very similar to banking – without all of the red tape and legal hoops to jump through.


I’ve been started testing it out for before revealing it to you.


I expect my total account yield for the year will be at least 8%.


That turns $10,000 into $10,800 – which is $700 more than what I’d get in a typical savings account. And I can re-invest my yield as frequently as a like…


I’ve also talked with some people who have been using this secret for longer than I have – and the results speak for themselves:


With an annualized return over 17% to date on a $33,000-and-growing balance, I am very pleased with the results so far... I’m planning to keep my account open for the long haul, and keep reinvesting the roughly $1000 per month of principal and interest payments that it now generates…” -Mike M., Hawaii


A CBS financial news reporter named Allan Roth recently tried this secret too – and here’s what he found:


between September 7, 2012 and the end of March 2013, …I earned an annualized yield of 11.08 percent.”


And I found another investment who has been using this secret to generate income for years…


At the time of this writing, my net annualized return is running 11.04%” – Frank D.


You might be wondering how such a lucrative savings investment could remain so secretive…


Well, simply put, it’s in its earliest stages.


While the banking business is a $3.3 trillion venture in America for just the top 5 largest bank, this alternative to banks only does a few billion dollars in business at this point.


It’s only been around since 2006…


But lately, this secret has been getting some quiet (but substantial) attention from some big names.


Google just invested over $100 million into this alternative…


A former Treasury Secretary now backs this new type of savings vehicle.


When a member of the financial elite enters the fray, you know it’s a big turning point.


And it’s why we call this investment “the banker’s secret.”


Until very recently, only bankers had the ability to claim big yields in good interest rate environments and bad.


And while I’m sure you’re going to start hearing more and more about this secret in the years to come, I want to give you the full details of how to use it for yourself starting today by investing as little as $25 – or as much as you’d like.


A Rare Look Inside

“The Banker’s Secret”


The investment opportunity I call “the banker’s secret” began in 2006 in the middle of one of the biggest real estate and stock booms in American history.


But something was strange.


While there was plenty of growth, regular Americans were finding it harder and harder to get loans.


Banks were thrilled to lend money to each other, to the Federal Government, to corporations or even foreign governments…


But the little guy was left out.


Getting a loan was easy if you wanted to buy too much house – but almost impossible if you wanted to buy a car, or start a business…


So a small group of entrepreneurs started up a new type of financial institution, designed to bypass the banking industry, and let regular Americans collect MUCH bigger yields on their savings.


In effect, it cuts out your banker as the middle man, and lets you start keeping the lion’s share of yield for yourself, instead of passing it to your bank.


The Wall Street Journal recently wrote a story on this new opportunity with a headline saying that this secret can Enable Consumers to Bypass Banks When Borrowing.”


Another WSJ article noted that this Banker’s Secret is starting to attract professional investors.


The allure? Fat returns. At a time when interest rates are near historic lows… investors can generate annual returns of 10% or higher…”


That’s why I’ve spent much of the past year researching this secret for myself.


And I’m actually in the process of using this secret in my own portfolio.


Understand – this isn’t an overnight income investment.


It’s a long-term vehicle – similar to a certificate of deposit – but with much higher returns.


And it’s not surprising why you probably haven’t heard of this opportunity.


Your bank, your financial adviser – even your online discount broker doesn’t see a dime from this new income source.


It’s completely outside of the typical financial world.


And I’d like to show you exactly how you can join me and start getting 5-10x more yield from your savings.


You can get started immediately, and it only takes a few minutes to get set up.


I’ve put together the full story on this income opportunity in a report I call “The Banker’s Secret.”


And I’d like to give you this report for free.


Here’s how…


Claim Your Free Copy of the Banker’s Secret


As I said, my name is Ian Wyatt.


I founded Wyatt Investment Research in my parents’ basement with little more than a single computer and a dial-up internet connection.


From the beginning, I always had a strong focus on income – usually from dividend stocks.


Which is why I’m excited to publish my income-focused research service called High Yield Wealth.


While I believe every investor should buy and hold dividend stocks, they’re not the only great income investments.


There are a variety of unique and unknown income investments – and I’ve made a concerted effort to seek them out.


The Banker’s Secret is just the latest example of the kind of investments you’ll simply never hear about from your financial adviser or online broker.


And if you want to make outsized income yield, you need to take the extra step and look outside of the standard financial information industry.


I believe that earning income is so super-important, that I want everyone who’s interested to have access to my research.


So here’s what I propose…


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returns that can make a difference in your life.


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Best Regards,


Ian Wyatt
Chief Investment Strategist
High Yield Wealth


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* Investing in stocks carries certain risks for loss just as much as it presents opportunities for rewards. While each of the stocks in this new investment report has been thoroughly researched by professional analysts, investors are advised to perform their own research and due diligence before investing. Future returns claims made in this promotion are based on calculations and evaluations made to the best of the ability of High Yield Wealth research analysts, however they CANNOT be guaranteed and should not be considered as such.